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Weaving survives the Moto Taxi!

Posted January 19, 2017 @ 8:32pm | by Melanie

There has been a steady decline of talented young male weavers for the past decade. The Spanish influenced style of tapestry weave at ArtAndes, is done on a floor loom, and is mostly a male craft. The Pre-Inca style backstop weave from the Cusco area, is dominated by women and has managed to preserver much better. There are many factors that contribute to the reason why this is, but one glaring example for Ayacucho weavers craft abandonment by younger guys has been their love affair with the motor. I have lost count on how many were seduced by the idea of racing around the city looking for passengers on a loud mototaxi. It appealed to young men, not a new thing to any society, but it cut quick and close to the heart of such a fine skilled craft that has been vulnerable to the machine since the Industrial Revolution. The craft was waning….

Well, last week while back in the Ayacucho area, Wilber had a surprise for me. Three excellent master weavers have sold their mototaxis & come back to weave! Two are new Padres and that helps, but overall I see they are tired of the machine and the art is calling them back. This has prompted Wilber to buy an additional plot of land to move some looms to where the weavers also plan to build a few small homes. It’s really quite amazing! So I’m staying on in Peru a bit longer to inspire and by inspired! Off to textile museums we go!!!


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