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Traveling Textile Trunk Show Tour

Posted March 4, 2010 @ 9:08pm | by Melanie

ArtAndes has gone west! In Santa Barbara at the moment to do a show at an ocean side home at the home of customer Jane Olson. The rug in the photo is a perfect fit with the art work. Before this we were in Sedona. The response was very positive. I have found once I bring the fine Peruvian weavings near Navajo rug country, the appreciation is instantaneous. There was a lot of weaving knowledge amongst the guests in Sedona and they fully understood the quality and good value of the ArtAndes rugs. When comparing to expensive Navajos- the Peru rugs can really stand above alot of what we saw in the galleries. It's been fun to meet new ArtAndes rug customers along the way.

Next stop Santa Fe!

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