Melanie Ebertz started ArtAndes, her textile & travel business in the Peruvian Andes during the mid-eighties. ArtAndes infuses Textile Design with Andean Travel, with a mission of preserving both culture and craft.

ArtAndesTextiles are incredibly complex in technique and rich in cultural heritage.The rugs are artful to look at, organic in nature, highly functional & hand woven on a tapestry loom. Many traditional designs have been reintroduced to today’s weavers through Melanie’s collection of classic textile books, museum visits and extensive historical research. In addition to recreating the historic patterns, the designs are a combination of pre-Colombian, Midwestern and Scandinavian influences!. ArtAndes rugs reflect an ancient tradition of expression and human fortitude. Unique and timeless, each rug is a meaningful heirloom, infused with the spirit of the Andes.

Melanie has guided over 50 custom designed trips to Peru, she is knowledgeable about the biodiversity of the country and it's people. The long term rich connections that have been developed over the past 37 years have helped preserve culture & hand-craft through rural community visits. Traveling to Peru with ArtAndes is a memorable way to really know Peru, and have fun doing it!


Travel Peru

Ecuador and Peru are Melanie’s places of passion! Walk through nature in Ecuador, including cloud forests, birding, haciendas, architecture, and a Galapagos Islands option. Peru covers a vast, in-depth variety of options including archeology, anthropology, botany, art, culture, and history.
These are two of the most bio-diverse countries on earth!

Vayan a Los Andes!

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You are invited to the Textile barn in Stillwater by appt.  We also make house calls.
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