You are invited to the Textile barn in Stillwater by appt. We also make house calls. 



Durability & Care

Due to the tightness of the handspun wool and the high lanolin content, the rugs require little care. The lanolin functions as a stain and spill retardant. They can be placed in a high traffic entry and they also look great on the wall. They are completely reversible. The tight weave and no plie, do not require a deep clean. If using a vaccum, do not use a rug beater and avoid the fringe. A wet cloth and a good wipe cover most cleaning needs as well as a sweep. A rug can be washed on gentle/cold water wash/ gentle soap and lay flat on rug pad to dry.



Size & Price

Common sizes in stock are:
2×3, 3×4, 2.5×6.5, 2.5×10, 4×6, 5 x 7 &  6×8
We custom size. Our custom orders take approximately three months to weave.

Average prices are:
$65-$72 per sq ft in sock
$80 sq ft custom
We are always experimenting with other sizes and designs not shown and the prices are occasionally lower. Don’t hesitate to ask about these special offerings.


ArtAndes rugs are handcrafted by highly skilled Peruvian weavers.

Incredibly complex in technique and rich in cultural heritage, the rugs will ground a room and allow you to build a delightful decor around them. The rugs are durable and can stand up to rugged use. Artful to look at, organic in nature & highly functional in performance. The heirloom quality is in the tightness of the weave. A tapestry weave offers a great reversibility bonus, and the wool is rich in lanolin: a stain resistant feature. They are as close to a magic carpet as it gets!

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