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ArtAndes is a Textile Design & Andean Travel business based in Minnesota. The long term rich connections that Melanie has developed in Peru & Ecuador over the past nearly four decades, has helped preserve culture & hand-craft. By providing textile design, marketing & co-ordinating community visits for travelers, lives in the Andes have been elevated and transformed.  Melanie is knowledgeable about the vast biodiversity of the country and is truly inspired by the people.    + View Gallery


This trip truly imbibes the ‘Spirit of the Andes’

Andean Trip Planning services for independent travel

This custom service promises to be a unique and memorable trip for you and yours. Connecting travelers to significant people & places in the Andes is Melanie’s passion, using her 37 yrs of designing and leading rewarding journeys to Peru & Ecuador. Using her trusted resources & connections, she will create a custom trip for you, embracing your interests and goals. You can travel on your own timeframe, have your own adventure, and leave Melanie to cover the detailed arrangements on your behalf! 

Vayan a Los Andes!

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ArtAndes textiles are timeless & contemporary

The tightness of the tapestry weave creates a durable and heirloom rug. Artful and unique in look, strong and functional in performance- the rugs will become the centerpiece of a room. All natural in material- handspun sheep wool rich in lanolin, hand dyed and hand loomed.  The quality of the weave creates a durable and heirloom rug.  The designs are a combination of pre-Colombian, Midwestern and Scandinavian influences!  ArtAndes rugs reflect an ancient tradition of expression and human fortitude. Unique and timeless, each rug is a meaningful heirloom, infused with the spirit of the Andes.

We are all woven together!


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