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Textiles provide hope

Posted April 8, 2020 @ 12:49pm | by Melanie

In mid March, about the time the COVID-19 nightmare was starting to unfold…I was unsure of how to spend my Saturday, a day when I would normally have open studio at Northrup King. It was still at least a week shy of the stay at home order, yet the darkness was setting in. I had compiled a list of errands and decided to swing by NKB studio later and water my plants. I was sure no-one would be planning to stop by, so no hurry to get there. To my great surprise I received a call from Jackie and Brooke, they were standing at the studio door, wondering if I was coming in. Gosh, what was the chance of that, and with luck I was just pulling in the lot! 
Their mission: An artful living room rug for mental health purposes. The shut down was looming, Jackie knew she would be home a lot, and she wanted home to feel as good as possible. I sent them home with 4 options to try, and an hour later I was on my way over there to bring her a rug pad for the chosen piece. 
The rug embraced her home, her art, and cast light & joy over the room. I sure felt good too.

 Jackies home ( before the rug pad arrived) 


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