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Quechua Speakers improving their Spanish

Posted July 7, 2015 @ 10:51am | by Melanie

In May, Comunidad was able to send about 450 lbs of books down to the Paccha area. Our recent goal has been to get a Spanish dictionary in the hands of every primary and secondary student in the six communities we work with. We have six libraries and hundreds of books circulating, but an additional goal was to meet the needs/requests of the native Quechua speakers, to improve their Spanish. As much as we work to preserve the Quechua language and assure all our teachers are bi-lingual, they need Spanish for obvious reasons (don't we all!). The dictionaries are owned by each student. Other take home text books were added as well. The book funds were provided for by Rotary Clubs of River Falls, Hudson & Rochester and matched by the International Rotary. As not to leave the Kindergarten students out, we added books and educational play toys.

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