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Posted September 3, 2020 @ 5:18pm | by Melanie

The Cochinilla red/ pink color in natural dye, is the most significant of all colors. Others may say the same for Indigo Blue, a very close second in my humble opinion. Prolific in Peru when the Spanish arrived in 1535, it caused a sensation in the old world! Red dye became in high demand in Europe and the dried cochineal bugs were easy to transport that long distance. Spain became famous for the dye stuff. Lb for Lb cochinilla was one of the most valuable goods the pirates could capture.

The Spaniards so successfully guarded their control over the secrecy of the origin of Cochinilla that Europeans didn’t know what it looked like in the field, was it a plant or animal? It proved to be complete mystery and lasted about 100 years! 70,000 dried beetle bugs = 1lb dye.

The 18ft runner is one of three custom rugs going to Jennifers house, one of my favorite artists! The original Wari design lives in the Amano Museum in Lima.The rugs will join her furniture upholstered in back-strap loomed weaving from our sisters in Chinchero. Jennifer knows how to do pink!


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