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How the Andes inspire an artist's painting

Posted June 11, 2017 @ 10:46am | by Melanie

These oil paintings were inspired by Jennifer’s recent trip to Peru, what talent! Jennifer & Dan walked into ArtAndes during Art A Whirl 2016, since then they joined my Feb trip and Jennifer is going back again on the Nov hiking trip.There are a lifetime of paintings that await her. I am so very fortunate to make new friends on every Andean journey we set out on together. 

Jennifer was kind enough to ask who the important people were to me that she met along the way. So far she’s painted Wilber weaving, his studio and the natural dye process, Isidrio from Taquile Island and Pascuala & Engracia from Chinchero are on the way! Not only is my art collection going to expand , I can’t wait to give them their well deserved Giclee prints.

The spirit of the Andes keeps on giving !


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