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Cultural Preservation

Posted January 6, 2018 @ 1:52pm | by Melanie

Cultural Preservation

 had the great honor of being part of ‘Tinkuy’ in November. Tinkuy/Quechua= Gathering of the Textile Arts. It was an international conference organized by the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco. The four day event was held in the historic center of Cusco. It brought together textile artists and enthusiasts, art historians, anthropologists, and many others to celebrate the wealth and diversity of textile traditions. There were weavers from as far away as Afghanistan and Laos. With more than 900  mostly Indigenous weavers, participating in workshops and sharing their textile knowledge, it was an historic event like no other in the world! I organized for Wilber and his family to be part of the event, representing the Department of Ayacucho, it was the family’s’s first time to Cusco. Wilber brought his floor loom and impressed a lot of weavers with his skill on the tapestry loom. 

National Geographic documentarian & Ethnobotanist Wade Davis was a key note speaker. His talk was incredibly moving, what a highlight for many of us to hear him speak on behalf of Cultural Preservation. You can catch him on TedTalks to get a sense of his passion.




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