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Bosque Nublado

Posted February 4, 2016 @ 8:11am | by Melanie

The Andean Cloud Forest is my favorite topography & geographic location. One of the trip highlights is spending a few days in the cloud forest area around Machu Picchu. Weather in the Southern Hemisphere moves from East to West ( vs N America West to East as most cyclists are sure to know!) In Peru, where I am this moment at Machu Picchu aprox 13 degrees south of the Equator at 8,000 ft, the air moves east over the vast tropical amazon basin towards the eastern flanks of the Andes, picking up moisture along the way. This humid environment reaches the Andes ‘ where the forest meets the clouds’ as the air rises and is cooled by altitude, it creates a cloud forest of aprox 80-90% humidity. The cool air of altitude makes this humidity comfortable ( unlike Minnesota in July) and the forest invites exploration. The biodiversity in this Equatorial region is the richest on Earth.

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