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We are all woven together

Posted May 23, 2011 @ 9:23pm | by Melanie

On April 30th, aprox 200 people gathered at the ArtAndes studio to celebrate the progress of 'Fundacion Comunidad's education and nutrition programs in the Ayacucho area. The gourmet food & good wines served by River Valley Catering, was definitely a draw, but more than the good food and entertainment- it's the company of the people, all committed to the sustainable projects that have shown measured positive results. 

The foundation used to rely on family and Peru trip travelers, for financial support. And yes, it was like a big Peru trip reunion, which is always fantastic with travelers showing up from trips going back to 2000, and still plenty of family, but what is really great is there are new folks coming on board too. 

The fact that our administrative costs are 2% of our annual budget, and a lot of people have met our board member Humberto Valdivia, who carefully oversees all the program details and expenses, makes all the difference. The projects are transforming lives, both their's and ours!

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