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Trekking the Andes/ Choquequirao to Machu Picchu

Posted January 6, 2012 @ 9:29pm | by Melanie


My recent trek to Choquequirao , the majestic Inca ruins that they refer to as the sister ruins to Machu Picchu, far surpassed my expectations. I did an out and back from the start town of Cachora, a 3 hour drive from Cusco. The complex is aprox 1,000 acres of which 30–40% is excavated, it sits in the saddle of a high Andean ridge, 10,000 ft. above sea level, high above the roaring waters of the Apurimac River. Ringed by spectacular snow-capped peaks and flanked by plunging, thickly forested slopes, the city is an inspiring example of an elite Inca ceremonial center, dedicated to the worship of the mountain gods, the river and the elements of nature. The scenery is so stunning that I have now put together an 8 day hike that will land us at the foot of Machu Picchu. The hike is fully supported, having a gourmet cook and mules for porterage, it is the best way to enjoy this full experience. I have done the Inca trail twice, carrying all needed for 4 days on my back. I LOVE this light way of trekking. Mules are what the locals use, and it's a thriving business for mule drivers in this part of the Andes. It seems to work quite well for all. Can't wait for the next pilgrimage!


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