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The Tree of Life

Posted October 28, 2014 @ 1:45pm | by Melanie

In 2003, Dick and Mary bought Wilber's Tree of Life Tapestry ' The Niño Perdido' ( the lost child) and they've proudly displayed it ever since. That was Wilber's first trip to Minnesota, and the first time he wove his compelling life story. Imagine, being able to weave your life story, what would it say? Wilber is in the tree, of his tree of life tapestry, that's where he lived for awhile for shelter, between 8 - 12 years old. We all have a significant story, we don't all have that kind of history, but a lot of people do when you think about it. I think of how much has changed for Wilber since he's made such strong Minnesota ties. As Im in the midst of preparing the final details for my next Peru groups that will enjoy a day at his house during their trip, I remember how sadly emotional it used to be for folks to be in his straw house. I could see the transformation & progress that was happening every year since we started working together in 1996, but it didn't look as promising for visitors in the late 90's - mid 2000's coming from the US, on day one of their Peru journey. That day always required in-depth background information of the terrorism in the Andes to explain the poverty of Lima, and the shanty towns that sprung up all around it.
For my latest handbook I've compiled for the next trip, I've realized that it may not be as necessary to look back in such depth to explain Wilber's life or neighborhood any longer. Lurin, what was once obviously a shanty town, now has paved streets and some urban planning in action. Wilber's house is now brick, the walls are painted sunshine yellow, and the looms are humming with activity. Day one of the trip, is as memorable for people these days, yet more cheerful. 

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