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The Pachamama's come to Minnesota

Posted October 25, 2018 @ 9:51pm | by Melanie

It made for a great September to have Maruja and Juana stay with me for the month. We learned so much together. Although we were busy with doing art events, we had FUN doing it! Andean women never really stop working. When not spinning dying or weaving, they watch over all family members, animals & crops, their responsibilities are endless. I tried some forced relaxation techniques on them. Little things like making sure my bird feeders were full at all times, then we would just sit and watch the birds for a bit. We walked the hills of Stillwater, for no reason other than to walk. I tiptoed down the steps in the morning and didn’t blast morning music so they would sleep in; unheard of in their Andean world! The sun is up and bright by 6am in the Andes near the equator and so are they. I did keep them out late some nights though….like I said, we had FUN!



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