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The Matrimonio Design

Posted August 16, 2010 @ 4:14pm | by Melanie


The Matrimonio Design- signature design of master weaver Wilber Quispe.
This piece was completed during Wilber's  7 weeks weaving in Minnesota. The loom traveled between Rochester and Mpls weekly. This piece was appreciated by many folks during the weaving process, some of which occasionally took a turn. 
In Rochester, our art market is right outside the world re-known Mayo Clinic. This is a rather unique place to do business. The international clientele is in Rochester for one reason; medical, and it all seems serious. Spending 12 hours every Thursday of the summer on the Peace Plaza, I've had an opportunity to meet some great people and I have been humbled by their physical and emotional challenges.
Having Wilber doing weaving demonstration there has been special. His gentle spirit relaxes people and there has been alot of appreciation there for his work. The Matrimonio design is a complicated piece and it is mesmerizing to watch his hands dance over the loom. Last week there was a conference for blind people and quite a few of them experienced the loom by touch. 
Wilber and I leave there every Thursday, feeing grateful for all that we have.
The rug turned out to be 11ft long and was shipped to Hawaii for a couples 41st wedding anniversary. A gift for a gentlemen's wife diagnosed with terminal cancer.
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