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The Depth of Color

Posted October 22, 2012 @ 8:37am | by Melanie

When Maximo weaves a tapestry, hand plying the yarn for the specific design is a very important step. To achieve the painterly quality of the tapestries, there can be a dozen different colors of alpaca yarn, plied together, taking hours or days, to prepare enough yarn for a tapestry. The finished result is dramatic. The skill of which the yarn is plied and then woven, creates shading, light and depth that is extraordinary. This is one of the reasons Maximo's tapestries are  on display at museums.
I found it interesting to go to one of the websites that allow you to upload a photo for color suggestions. In this case ' Chip it' a Sherwin William's site was pretty good, considering there is not a solid strand of yarn to extract color from. It  just shows how many great and exciting color possibilities are out there for highlighting one of Maximo's pieces.


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