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Textiles to remember

Posted August 6, 2014 @ 10:49pm | by Melanie

Every year when it's close to the end of Wilber Quispe's summer stay, a few special pieces come off the loom about now. We have 4 looms here in Minnesota, three for Wilber and one for me! I don't aim to finish my weaving in a timely manner, I'm more exercising the right side of the brain and rather enjoying it. Wilber however is pretty intense during his time here and weaves constantly! It's an extra artistic bonus for him to create whatever moves him and it's always unique! It's also a financial boost, his pieces always sell. It makes me think of Robert Berquist, an accomplished architect from Duluth, MN, who tragically passed away last month while hiking in Utah. Every year for the past five years, Robert invested in one of these MN made tapestries. The minute I would put it out there on my website, Robert would call and request a Wilber piece, he was a great collector and supporter. We felt honored. R.I.P Robert Berquist.

This piece was influenced by Wilber's trip to Murray McMurray's Chicken Hatchery in Webster City, Iowa. Murray was on a Peru trip with me and has been to Wilber's house. He owns the largest and maybe oldest exotic breeding business. The McMurray chickens are received all over the country and well loved as pets by many. The tapestry was woven in the Stillwater studio and is 2' 9 x 3'

This beautiful long runner is 2' x 12'. It's been woven during art shows and events from Mill City Farmers Market, Edina, Des Moines, Rochester to Stillwater, over 200 skilled hours of weaving ( doesn't include the natural dye process and all the other tedious steps in yarn and loom prep). The Matrimonio design is Wilber's signature design. It could live in a galley kitchen or hallway for years and give a boost to any home decor for years. 

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