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Posted November 4, 2021 @ 8:56am | by Melanie

When John & Michelle stopped at the Mill City Farmers Market, It gave me a boost of hope for our textile business! John owns AmeriSpec, a MN home inspections business. He had recently inspected a Minnetonka home for sale, that was highlighted with our rugs. The home was a well thought out three year renovation project that was centered around ArtAndes custom rugs for every room. I worked closely with Matthew & Sandra and I really enjoyed the process. Due to the many life changes loved ones are facing, a downsize is now in order for them & the house is up for sale. When John walked in for the inspection, he was struck by the beauty, spirit & uniqueness the rugs cast throughout the home. He got on his hands and knees flipping corners over to find a tag! And that’s what led them to the Mill City Market. In John’s words….”I’ve been in a lot of homes throughout my long career and I’ve never seen anything like these rugs”

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