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Progress in the Andes

Posted November 30, 2010 @ 7:45am | by Melanie

I have just come away inspired after spending time in the Paccha, Ayacucho area where Fundacíon Comunidad got it's start. It started with one village and a grain mill and we just added a nutrition program in a 5th village. The 4 kindergarten schools are going very well. We now have some history with the teachers and they are very good. Humberto has regular contact with the teachers and their record keeping has vastly improved. We rely on them to keep accurate monthly data on the height and weight of each student as well as the academic info. Paula Chuchvara, a clinic administrator from Webster City, Iowa, took it upon herself to study the records and compare the info to her previous trip two years ago. " A definite and noticeable difference in their health and size" They are also more alert and less timid. They make for fun playmates!

The Retablo Book Mobile project was launched in June, we have over 800 books circulating amongst 4 villages for all ages. It's a new concept in Peru or any developing country, to take a book home and read it...and bring it back. We really encouraged them to use the books, new unused books would make us sad! The more they use them the more we'll add was the basic message.

We have been very fortunate to carry on and even add projects, during these lean times. A little goes a long way in the Andes. Heck, Paula bought the new kindergarten school a roof for $300 while she was there! Many thank to all for your continued support.

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