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Pre-Colombian influenced rug designs

Posted July 23, 2010 @ 2:56pm | by Melanie


I started designing rugs when I realized that in order to have a viable textile business in Peru, I had to combine their great skill with what my market would buy. In the mid-eighties, most of the Ayacucho rugs were of traditional ethnic designs in pastel tones. Not a good Minnesota fit for the majority! Or maybe I should say, I couldn't sustain the business on just that, however there has always been room for these designs and as the weavers have gotten more familiar with our market over the years, those designs have gotten much more interesting and sophisticated. 

My design experience started with visits to Lima museums which hold a vast collection of pre-Colombian textiles and pottery. Timeless geometric shapes, primarily between the years 200-800 were what captivated me. Historic Textile patterns also had a heavy influence, the design ideas I used were mostly taken from out of print books. I'll scan some of those photos from my old books ( very carefully ) and include some of those along with the rug outcome, on a later blog.

When Wilber Quispe is here in the states doing weaving demonstration every week during his 2 month stay, he is working on his signature Matrimonio design. His complex designs that tell a story, are an exciting addition to my geometric designs. We are very capable of covering alot of home decor tastes.

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