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Painting for a cause

Posted April 2, 2015 @ 6:49pm | by Melanie

For last years 'Fundacion Comunidad' fundraiser, Carol Grams painted scenes from her ArtAndes trip to Paccha. It was Carol's 2nd trip to Peru, she fell for the people 8 years prior when we covered some Andean ground in 2005.

Carol offered to do some watercolors for the silent auction, so I sent some of my favorite photos. Carol has captured the sprit of the Indigenous people on canvas.These are 8 x 10 and available April 25th. The paintings are better than my photos! 

Carol is an art teacher at Breck School. Breck has been supportive of Carol's time off to travel, they see the great rewards in the quality of her teaching! The craft, travel, foundation support works so nicely together. 

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