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Maximo Laura creates a small masterpiece at ArtAndes

Posted October 31, 2010 @ 3:27pm | by Melanie

This is an exciting time of year, when master weaver Maximo Laura comes to town. This visit comes at the end of the year for markets and shows, a year that has generated alot of new interest in Maximo's tapestries. During Maximo's week in the Stillwater/Minneapolis area, we will transport the loom to three different locations for demonstrations. What is special about this time is Maximo is creating a piece with no exact pattern in mind, more he is demonstrating his incredible technique of weaving the dimension into his tapestry inch by inch. This technique is what has earned him fiber art awards both in Peru, US & Europe amongst other countries. Maximo sent his loom to ArtAndes from the Smithsonian two years ago for ArtAttack. The piece on the loom, that he will continue to add to this year, is an interesting and complex piece to watch the process. Join us during the first week in November, details on the website

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