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It takes a Master Weaver to re-weave a rug!

Posted August 13, 2013 @ 1:45pm | by Melanie

When Wilber Quispe is here in Minnesota every summer, he get's a certain amount of repair work that is the result of a dog chew. To be able to undo the area around the hole, which means un-weaving enough space in all directions to then reweave the warp or weft back into the piece, takes a very experienced weaver!
One of the rugs that have come back to us for dog chew repair was purchased from my Stillwater location in 1998. It looks better than it did when Lori got it, and her family has used it well! I told Wilber, if he could weave a new rug to look lovingly broken in as Lori's is, we could sell more! A rug that looks better with use is a sign of a fine quality. 

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