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Heirloom Weaving

Posted July 6, 2012 @ 1:54pm | by Melanie

While Master Weaver Wilber Quispe is here in MN every summer (10th year in a row!) he receives a number of dog chew accidents to repair. He can reweave the textile by undoing  the rug surrounding the hole to reveal enough warp to reweave the piece. Not an easy task and not something many weavers would take on. For him, it's extra part- time work that keeps him busy and feeling productive. Plus he's the only one in the midwest that could do this. It's always amazing for both of us to revisit some of these older ArtAndes purchases. This summer, Lori from our local Stillwater post office, brought back a large rug for repair that she purchased in aprox 2000. Other than the puppy chew, this rug looked better with time. The yarn continues to even tighten up further over time, and they develop a lovely patina. After Lori's family's 12 years of rugged use, Wilber and I were wondering how he could weave another one just like it with that 12 year look and feel.



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