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Finest Quality Weaving

Posted August 29, 2010 @ 3:29pm | by Melanie

I was fortunate to be invited to visit the Indian Market in Santa Fe recently. That wasn't my only
focus; art galleries, farmers market and delicious food dominated my time and what a treat it was.
This was my 2nd visit this year and I can now say I've seen alot of Navajo rugs! First I have to
express that seeing the Native American population have a craft and an outlet is very positive.
There appears to be many successful native weavers, ceramists and jewelers. I am happy to see
their standard of living improved as a result. However, I can't help but being amazed at how fine
our ArtAndes rugs are in comparison to most of the Navajos. The quality I saw the most of is
similar to the 'rustic' or tourist quality commonly found in Peru. Before I learned how much
finer a weaving could get, I would have the thought the quality good. Through the years of
creating a market for fine spun yarn and tightly compacted weaving, I have been enlightened
to what it takes to make a rug superb! The rug below replaced a Navajo in this stylish adobe
home. Perhaps it's time for you to replace a rug too.

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