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Farming and Weaving

Posted May 26, 2015 @ 3:41pm | by Melanie

In Ayacucho, Peru, our weavers are also farmers. I need to plan my design and order time around planting and harvest time in the Andes. A main place of exposure and selling rugs for ArtAndes has been at  Farmers Markets in Minneapolis for nearly three decades. It's kind of a natural that the Peruvian weavers/farmers textiles have found a prominent place at a Mpls. Farmers Market. The weavings are a plant dyed natural fiber, they look good next to the organic produce, the natural dyes often match what is in season. It's an organic craft!

Weaving and Farming allow a family to stay in a more rural setting if they so desire. I've worked with the same two families for many years, one stayed rural and one migrated to a town outside of Lima when they fled the terrorism of the Shining Path in the mid 80's. Even though the Quispe family is more urban now, the weaving schedule is still influenced by planting and harvesting time back in the Andes. The connection remains strong.


Drying the Quinoa grain, the same rich color of the textiles.

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