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Colonial Architecture

Posted November 19, 2014 @ 6:59am | by Melanie

My deep appreciation for architecture has brought me back to Huancavelica for a 4th time. The small Andean city has an intact Colonial Plaza de Armas, there have been no significant construction modifications and it's quite beautiful. As Peru progresses, they are often quick to tear down an old building on their main square and replace it with modern ugly, it's a status thing and it's prevalent throughout the country, even in the smallest of towns. So far Huancavelica has been spared.
Huancavelica was founded by the Spanish in the late 1500's. The city has a cruel and sad history with many indigenous Peruvians loosing their lives to the mining activities that made this town.  After the Spanish had moved in and taken this area the local people were used in the mines to extract the rich sources of mercury and silver. The city's name comes from the Quechua words huanca and huillka, meaning ‘stone idol’. For centuries Huancavelica was known as the land of the llama herders. Enormous caravans of llamas, ferrying goods between Quito, the capital of modern-day Ecuador, and Cusco, would make their way over the narrow mountain passes. 
I have brought a few groups here over the years, I'm always looking to do it again. It's incredibly rich in culture and scenery. This trip has alowed me to further explore the future possibilites!


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