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Andean travel enlivens and enriches

Posted April 2, 2013 @ 9:53am | by Melanie


Eighteen days in Peru can educate and enrich one's mind in so many ways. I recently got an e-mail from Rollie, a travel agent who spends a lot of time in other countries. Rollie was on my recent Jan/Feb trip. At the time of writing it has been nearly two months since our trip together ended, in her e-mail she reflected about the journey,  I love this sentence "Not a day goes by when I do not think about our trip" 

During the trip, Rollie had some great feedback for me. Another observation of her's was about how "The hotels are appropriate to place" An important component in her experience.

I've never done another's organized trip. I turned 13 years of in-depth exploratory travel into in-depth custom trip planning for others, starting in 1996. I have never thought of myself as a group traveler either, along with alot of people who choose these trips. I have to say though, EVERY trip I get to go on (which is every trip as I wouldn't consider missing one, and I have guided aprox 50 now) is such a rich group experience. The itinerary and guide ratio is such that there is ample independence in every day to pursue one's own passions and pace. At the end of each day, the camaraderie is a very fulfilling and long-lasting experience. Group travel is awesome this way!


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