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A reading movement takes hold

Posted September 28, 2010 @ 11:42am | by Melanie

Checking out a book in the Paccha communities has never been possible. Most areas of Peru would claim that same lack of privilege. Our mission of late, has been to change that, which is really a cultural issue as well. Borrowing an item and returning somewhat novel in these parts. I suppose the fact that someone has something to lend in the first place is rare, hence they haven't had alot of opportunity to practice. Comunidad purchased 633 books this year and they are all now circulating throughout four communities. We do expect a percentage of loss, but if the loss means a book stays in a home and get's read by others, or takes a trip to another house, we won't be too disappointed. We really want this literacy program to work and we plan on sticking with it. The bookmobiles, are fashioned after a giant retablo: a folk art of the region, they will rotate around and should create some reading excitement when they come to town. 

The schools don't even have books, they use photo copies. We are working with the Rotary club of River Falls to expand the book service, one goal is to see that in the form of text books for all grades.

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