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A proud Master Weaver follows his son's tapestry to Minnesota

Posted June 17, 2015 @ 11:10pm | by Melanie

A proud Master Weaver follows his son's tapestry to Minnesota

Twenty years ago when I started working with Wilber, the family was living in poverty, the last thing his kids wanted to do was weave. I clearly remember asking Samuel, Wilber's oldest son and nine years old at the time, if he thought he would ever weave like his Dad. His answer was definitive, NO. 

Now, nearly two decades later, twenty eight year old Samuel is also a Master Weaver. His Dad wove his way out of poverty, exhibits annually in the states, has sent his four children to university and is a teacher and mentor to young weavers. There has been a very positive influence on the preservation of hand craft in his home.

I began bringing travel groups to Wilber's house in 1998. Samuel, rather reluctantly, would help his Father with weaving demonstrations, but he was not going to be a weaver, he had 'career' plans! Over the years Samuel started to create his own Folk Art pieces for my groups. Every one he has made, someone has purchased from him and treasure his art in their home. Now he is a full-time weaver by choice. I often say to Wilber….we tricked him into being a Master Weaver!!!

photos: Samuel, The tapestry at Jodie & Greg's in MN, Jodie and Greg in Peru 



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