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4th generation weavers

Posted January 21, 2011 @ 4:56pm | by Melanie


During my time here in Lima and Ayacucho, I have spent the week working on designs and team building. I am working a bit more with the sons of my long time weavers as of late, and it's quite stimulating to see them take more interest in their Fathers craft. It's often a tenuous link between the generations in the textile world. It's an incredible talent with a vast knowledge base, that is under-appreciated. The 'white collar' business world frequently calls and being a weaver doesn't hold the prestige for them that it should. Fortunately Wilber Quispe's son Samual, and Alejandro Gallardo's son Alex, have picked up their Father's passion and are enthusiastic weavers. That doesn't mean they will make a career of it, but for now the knowledge is being passed down.

When I first met Samuel Quispe in 1996, he was nine years old. When I asked him if he wanted to be a weaver like his Dad, he was clearly embarrassed by the idea, and positively  declared he wanted to be a banker or go into the military. It was somewhat understandable, their house for a family of six was made of straw and they had nothing. Fifteen years later, after seeing many ArtAndes adventure groups excited to spend part of a day in their 2 story brick house, many of whom treat his Father ' The Master Weaver ' as a celebrity, he is weaving. He does plan on studying to be a chef, and next to weaving that has to be a second best! For now, there is great pride for their skill and it's being preserved.

Alex Gallardo knew he wanted to be a weaver for most of his life. He did decide though that studying archeology would be a better career choice, a decision that was influenced by the families use of historic cultural influences in their weaving designs. At 32 yrs old and a bachelor degree, in a field with no jobs ( in Peru there should be plenty, but there's an issue of corruption there) he's going to be weaving more with ArtAndes. 

It's all a good thing in the weaving world!

Samual Quispe

Alex Gallarado

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