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Partying for a cause

Posted May 8, 2012 @ 8:55am | by Melanie

Partying for a cause

It's pretty amazing that we can net nearly $20,000 in a night of fun. The annual fundraiser held at ArtAndes studio on April 21st, drew a great crowd again this year. It was the 10th anniversary of 'Fundacíon Comunidad' definitely something to celebrate! The event really brings a nice mix of good people together. In part, it's a big Peru trip reunion as many of the guests have been to Peru with me and have had a close connection to what we are doing and got to know Board Member Humberto Valdivia, who is managing the projects. Humberto, a very close friend I have known for over 2 decades, started helping me on my Peru adventures and became a board member in 2005. What a difference in both of these areas he has made. For ArtAndes travel- it was like adding a Buddha to watch the complete welfare of the travelers, in a gentle and competent manner. Everyone felt cared for and lasting friendships were formed. For the Foundation, we couldn't have moved into forming and managing the six preschools, 400 lunches or scholarship students without him. All these areas require a lot of attention. Humberto gives the board and donors, confidence that our money is very efficiently invested in areas it should be. One person can make such a profound difference!

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