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ArtAndes is a Textile Design & Andean Travel business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Having led over 50 custom designed trips to Peru, ArtAndes is passionate and knowledgeable about the biodiversity of the country and it's people. ArtAndes was created out of a personal interest in the culture, and textiles of Peru. Those long term rich connections have helped preserve a hand-craft, through designing and marketing fine weaving & rural community visits. Traveling to Peru with ArtAndes is a memorable way to really know Peru, and have fun doing it!


Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson Street NE  #285
Minneapolis, MN 55413
P: (651) 430-1848

Showroom Hours: 
Open Saturdays 12-4 April 11th & 18th  
Closed April 25th for 'Fundacion Comunidad' Fundraiser
EVERY First Thursday/monthly 5 – 9 pm





First Thursday Open Studios 5-9pm

The NorthrupKing Building is full of creative talent!

May 7, 2015

Visit ArtAndes studio, just back from Peru with fun new rug designs to enliven your space. The Northrup King Buidling offers an evening of interest with over 200 artisits.

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Painting for a cause

Posted April 2, 2015 @ 6:49pm by Melanie

Painting for a cause For last years 'Fundacion Comunidad' fundraiser, Carol Grams painted scenes from her ArtAndes trip to Paccha. It was Carol's 2nd trip to Peru, she fell for the people 8 years prior when we covered some Andean ground in 2005.Carol offered to do some watercolors for the silent...

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Fundacion Comunidad has been working in the Ayacucho, Peru region since 2002. The foundation has started and supports three secondary school, five kindergarten schools, a bookmobile project, and a scholarship and nutrition program. The mission is to give the people the opportunities and tools they need to get themselves and their community out of poverty through education and nutrition. Through careful allocation of our resources, which come solely in the form of private donations, the foundation creates a self-sustaining bridge for the Indigenous people of the Andes. To learn more, please visit

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ArtAndes textiles are timeless & contemporary

The tightness of the tapestry weave creates a durable and heirloom rug. Artful and unique in look, strong and functional in performance- the rugs will become the centerpiece of a room. All natural in material- handspun sheep wool rich in lanolin, hand dyed and hand loomed.  The quality of the weave creates a durable and heirloom rug.  The designs are a combination of pre-Colombian, Midwestern and Scandinavian influences!  ArtAndes rugs reflect an ancient tradition of expression and human fortitude. Unique and timeless, each rug is a meaningful heirloom, infused with the spirit of the Andes.

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We are all woven together!


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Travel Puru

This trip truly imbibes the ‘Spirit of the Andes’

A fun and lively way to experience the culture history and art of Peru. Melanie has been working and exploring Peru for 30 years, she has passion, respect and in-depth knowledge of the culture of the Andean people. The unique itineraries have great attention to detail and design. These long-term relationships create an open door into the lives and the homes of the real Peru; the non-tourist side of life. The locals welcome you as a friend, to share in their lives, while giving them a glimpse into your own. It’s the ultimate Peruvian journey, rustic and organic in nature, while meeting all the comforts and class of food and lodging along the way! A 'Spirit of the Andes' journey is "Unforgettable" in the minds of all. A trip sure to enlighten and enliven!

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Maximo Laura, South America’s most preeminent weaver, has won many international fiber art awards for the complicated technique and design woven into his unique tapestries. Laura’s works of art burst with color and texture, delighting the eye with dynamic contemporary designs. Through research, Maximo has deepened his knowledge of traditional Andean design, enriching his work and teachings. You find a stimulating mix of ancient iconography with modern elements that make his tapestries come to life. Maximo Laura supports the art dept of Fundacion Comunidad and is a mentor to many.

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