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Paccha, Ayacucho embraces eco- tourism

Posted February 20, 2013 @ 12:56pm | by Melanie

Paccha, Ayacucho embraces eco- tourism

The Eco humana-tourism possibilities continue to inspire the senses! After a great 18 day tour on my regular 'Unique Spirit of the Andes Tour' I set out to re-explore the central highland route from Lima to Ayacucho. The last time I did this full route was in 2000 with Richard Sonnen, an accomplished photographer who wanted an alternative and less traveled road. This time, I was looking for new possibilities along the way, for the November trip to Paccha. And I am pleased with the ideas and connections formed along the way! The goal is Paccha of course. Along the way we will experience staying in a 250 yr old hacienda, hiking an Inca trail, views from a hill top hotel overlooking the fertile Mantaro Valley, more hiking in the valley, stupendous countryside on the way to Huancavelica, staying on the plaza in this charming backroad city, more incredible views of the mountains while driving through Peru's second largest alpaca reserve on the way to Paccha, then PACCHA! Wow, they are getting as excited as I am for the November visit. I was able to discuss the business possibilities with them. Not only what they should be thinking about per bed per night and food costs,  but as well other services like agriculture tours/combined with planting and hoeing, weaving workshop, guinea pig production, dance traditions, Pacahamama offering ect ect. We'll show a slide show one night to the whole community, of our lives back home ( leaving out the opulence) and no doubt many more creative ideas will transpire before November. Can't wait!

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