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Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson Street NE  #285
Minneapolis, MN 55413
P: (651) 430-1848

Spring/Summer Hours: 
Saturdays Mill City Market
and CHEERFULLY by appointment
EVERY First Thursday/monthly 5 – 9 pm



Durability & Care

Due to the tightness of the handspun wool and the high lanolin content, the rugs require little care. The lanolin functions as a stain and spill retardant. They can be placed in a high traffic entry and they also look great on the wall. They are completely reversible and machine washable.



Size & Price

Common sizes in stock are:
2×3, 3×4, 2.5×6.5 2.5×8, 2.5×10, 4×6, 6×8, 8×10
We custom size. Our custom orders take approximately three months to weave.

Average prices are:
In stock pricing: $40 – $68 sq ft
Custom pricing: $58 – $70 sq ft
Maximo Laura pricing: call for details

We are always experimenting with other sizes and designs not shown and the prices may occasionally be lower. Don’t hesitate to ask about these special offerings.




Maximo LauraMaximo Laura is one of South America’s most accomplished weavers. Laura is a fifth-generation master weaver who inherited from his parents and grandparents – all master weavers from Ayacucho, Peru – the traditional style of ancient weaving called cumbimayocs. But while he is ultimately respectful of the iconography and colors of the ancient Huari culture (which predates the Inca culture), it is his juxtaposition of those traditions with his own design elements and narrative that have earned him many international awards, distinctions and exhibits.

Maximo has taken the tapestry weave to a different level. He is constantly enhancing his unique technique of raising the weft to create incredible depth to his tapestries. Maximo is a scholar of textile art and has traveled the world exploring and teaching in his field. ArtAndes has worked closely with Maximo Laura for many years and is proud to represent his works at the Northrup King studio in Minneapolis.



Contemporary tapestries

Maximo Laura’s tapestries are full of vision, ritual, and Pre-Colombian myth. These pieces are an experience, a collision between the traditional and the contemporary. The iconographic language is authentically Peruvian. These technical pieces are woven with alpaca and have a different price structure. Contact us for individual prices.

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Augustana Lutheran Church West St.Paul, MN
Carondelet Villag	Art Consultant: Vicki Hovde
St.Joseph's Hospital St.Paul, MN
Maximo, Mel
KP-996  24
KP-997  24
KP 998  55
KP-999  24
MU-923 24
TA-393 49
TA-1410B 48
TA-1459A  39 1/2
TA-1459C  39 1/2
YP-1100 38
YP-1102 32
YP-1125 32
YP-1144A 32
YP-1152A 32
YP-1138 32
MI-1766 35 1/2
TA-1495B 47
TA 1470 79
YP-1144/D 32
TA-371 79
PT-1849 23
MI-1756  31
HR-760 39
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