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Learn about the depth of Peru culture

Slide show presentation party

May 3, 2014

You are invited to a lively slide show of some Peru trip highlights. I have condensed some of the incredible Andean diversity into a photo documentation that promises to leave you wanting more. The presentation will be followed by conversation between some past ArtAndes travelers and folks looking to get more in-depth info on what makes Peru so unique.
If you have been to Peru with me, please come, it will be another great reunion. If you are thinking about traveling to Peru with me, or you know folks that might be interested, please come, it could be the first of many reunions! Saturday May 3rd- 7pm at ArtAndes studio. RSVP please.


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Travel Puru

A fun and lively way to experience the culture history and art of Peru. Melanie has been working and exploring Peru for 30 years, she has passion, respect and in-depth knowledge of the culture of the Andean people. The unique itineraries have great attention to detail and design. A 'Spirit of the Andes' journey is "Unforgettable" in the minds of all.

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