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Posted August 2, 2016 @ 1:05pm | by Melanie



I’ve frequently written about Wilber’s son Samuel. At 8 years old when we first met, a shy boy, and now 20 years later, a master weaver himself and a new Father. Wilber is super excited to have little Samin ( Quechua for the spirit of light)  in the house and he skypes with him frequently while here in Minnesota.

The story goes: Samuel wanted to join the military or be a banker, definitely not a weaver when he grew up. That’s what I recall him telling me when he was about twelve. My last 20 years of working with Wilber on building and preserving the weaving craft with his family, well…we tricked Samuel into being a Master Weaver. He did go to University to study business and has honed his cooking skills, but he has chosen to master the craft on a level very close to his Father & he is very proud of that. With his new responsibility, he’s even more inspired to weave. The workshop or ‘taller’ is a good place to raise a baby. There are always extra hands around, it’s a joyful setting and Samuel can practically weave and rock at the same time!

Samuel always weaves a special piece to send with Wilber on his annual visit to the US. This piece is titled ‘The Viajero’ If you look at it closely, the ‘manta’ or knapsack he is carrying has a Tree of Life in it. What a powerful piece. A woven painting! Samuel is happy to part with this piece for $650, a special price.


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